About Us

What can we say, we like shiny things, lots of varying shiny things. Because of this, we have made this series of websites to share our love of various things with you. We don’t just share our own personal likes, but things that you might like as well.

Our hope is to become somewhere you look to first on a variety of topics, and we will keep working to improve and grow until we are that place for you. And then we’ll still continue looking to improve.

For that, we need more content, which means more writers. So we will constantly be on the lookout for more writers to join any or all of our sites. If you have a passion for any topic, or just like writing, send us a message and we can see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

At the moment, we aren’t making anything doing this, it is purely out of the passion we have for writing and/or the topics we cover. We want to be able to pay our writers for their work. Towards this, we are in the hunt for advertisers that w can pay our writers, control our ad content, and improve the site.

No matter why you come to visit us today, whether as a writer or a reader, we hope that you’ll make our sites your home.

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