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Spider-Man: Homecoming Leaves Much To Be Desired… Let Me Explain

Ok, by the title of this review you probably think I’m going to bash the latest Spidey film but I am just going to do what any critic would do when reviewing a film… be critical. I’ll first start by praising Marvel for this awesome shared universe they’ve created over the last decade. Never before on film have we seen so many different characters who’s stories intertwine and it is fascinating! Spider-Man does much of the same and introduces us to a few new characters comic book fans will recognize.

This section will contain two minor spoilers so if you want to go into the movie blind skip this paragraph. First, I was disappointed in the last two Spidey flicks not introducing a new Mary Jane Watson. Kristen Dunst has carried that title for far too long until now! Though is never officially confirmed there is a subtle line used by one of the main characters towards the end of the film that suggests “MJ” has been staring at us the entire movie! Second, I really don’t think this was much of a surprise but we do get a glimpse of the “IronSpider” suite and it is EPIC. With Stark designing the suit originally I figured we’d see an alternate and it doesn’t disappoint.

Cast: Tom Holland is by far the best Peter Parker of the three on-screen actors to portray the teen, however, I believe Andrew Garfield is the better Spider-Man. Holland acts and looks exactly how a typical 15-year-old high school boy would and does it flawlessly. As Spider-Man he behaves very similarly; clumsy, awkward, and even when using his super strength it’s completely unconvincing. Michael Keaton continues to prove he is still one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. The man’s performance makes me believe he could still play the Dark Knight. His combination of malice and dark humor makes him the perfect villain for this film. The rest of the cast is pretty unmemorable except for of course Ironman who is his typical smart ass self, I honestly believe Downey Jr. and Tony Stark are one and the same.

Overall the film lacks drama, at no point do you feel like Spider-Man is in imminent danger which seems to be a theme with Marvel heroes. The movie is entirely too long especially for a movie without a backstory (which I’m fine with by the way) no Uncle Ben “with great power comes great responsibility” speech. Marvel faithful will enjoy this movie. I simply give it 3/5 not great, not bad.

Wonder Woman: 4th Time is The Charm For DC

While I thoroughly enjoyed its predecessors, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad I do understand as a movie goer why others did not. They all had plot holes and every origin story was told in random incomplete flashbacks… but not this time!

In Wonder Woman, we are given a phenomenal origin story in chronological order with a ton of action included. In true DC fashion, the film is dark and gritty. Zack Snyder pens the script and is the executive producer, so it is to be expected, however, there are plenty of laughs to lighten the mood.

Casting and acting are both superb. I’ll admit I did not initially like Gal Gadot being cast as Diana Price but those days are over, incredible performance not to mention in every fight scene she’s a certified badass!

Chris Pine carries his weight as the lead man and love interest for our hero and provides a great mix of tough guy and comedian, quite similar to his Star Trek Captain Kirk persona.

Overall, the film is outstanding and for me personally, my second favorite movie of the year thus far.  I have to admit there are some slow parts where dialogue runs a little long, but hang in there, it is well worth the nearly two and a half hour ride.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Absolutely Worth It

4 hours ago I was in the theater, anxiously awaiting the beginning of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2. For the first time, in a long time, I was impatient with the absurd amount of previews before the main event! I had been waiting for this movie since the credits rolled at the end of Guardians of The Galaxy.

I tell you this because this review is going to be biased, fangirl based, and glowing. You may disagree with me, and you probably will have valid points too! I simply ask that you hear me out and try to see the film from a fans point of view.

There will be some minor spoilers, so stop reading now if you do not want to know anything about the film before going to see it.

Let’s start with the basic plot premise. We open to see the Guardians working hard, bickering, and being the heroes we know them to be. The entire opening sequence is brilliantly done, funny, exciting, and tells you more about the characters than any major dialogue ever could.

As with the original, music plays a huge role throughout the film. Peter Quills mixed tape vol 2 is even more eclectic than vol 1 and makes me more prone to buying the soundtrack for this film.

But I digress…back to the plot!

We learn who Peters dad is pretty early on, but we don’t find out his significance until nearly half way through. Alongside Ego (Peters dad) is his sidekick Mantis. She is a delightful addition to this ragtag band of misfits. The charm of Peter, the insight of Gamora, the innocence of Baby Groot, and the social awkwardness of Drax. In fact, the interaction of Mantis and Drax made the movie for me.

Now for those spoilers. Yandu returns and becomes, dare I say, lovable! He helps more than he hinders and shows that he was not always what he appeared to be. The relationship between him and Peter is way more convoluted and complex than a simple abduction. It’s wonderfully deconstructed as the movie goes on; starting with an all-out mutiny against Yandu.

Speaking of which, Yandu and Rocket end up locked up together due to the mutiny. They enlist Groot in finding a new headpiece for Yandu. The litany of items Groot brings back is nothing short of sheer brilliance! I laughed the hardest at that scene than anything else in the movie. And it IS a hilarious movie!

In fact, there are several serious moments that turn on a dime to elicit a great belly laugh. My favorite was between Peter and Gamora, and “Cheers” references. There’s another wonderful one, but my lips are sealed! You need to experience it!

There are two family related storylines running throughout the film. Peter and his father and Gamora and Nebula. While they are trying to connect as a family, Drax is still mourning the loss of his family and Rocket is feeling depressed about having no family. Of course, they all have to realize that family is not just blood-related. How they all realize this is endearing and lovely.

Stan LeeOk, I’ve rambled on and on, but what I have not touched on is what everyone is talking about: Stan Lee. His cameo in this is legendary and allows for some really amazing fan theories about all his cameos!

Which brings me to the five end credit scenes. Yes, five. They are all brilliant and showcase several facets of this universe. The third one speaks to where Vol. 3 may be headed!!!

This comic was a risk to turn into a franchise. However, the casting is so spot on, there was no way this could fail. Not only is each character well cast, the dynamic between them all is so much fun to watch!

Suffice to say, as long as they are all willing, I see great things for this franchise! Until more movies are made, Vol. 2 will be a great filler! Absolutely worth the viewing on the big screen!!

The Anomaly is An Intriguing Mix of Sci-Fi, Action, and Suspense

You wake up and find out that someone is using some sort of mind control over your body.

Your waking up at all is a glitch, that only lasts for 9 minutes and 47 seconds.

During these glitches, you realize that these people are using your body to conduct terrorist activities.

What do you do?

That is the concept behind The Anomaly.

It is really an action movie that uses sci-fi to form the plot, but it is also a bit of a suspense/thriller.

All around an interesting watch, that is way under the radar, much further than it deserves.

I would definitely suggest it if those types of movies appeal to you.

Do be aware that there is nudity, lots of violence, and some language so it is not appropriate for all audiences.

Noel Clarke stars in The Anomaly, which he also directed, produced, and helped write.

Alexis Knapp, Brian Cox, Ian Somerhalder, and Luke Hemsworth also star in this movie.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. Is The Most Fun Filled Marvel Movie Yet

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. is the most fun Marvel movie yet. It is filled with fun and humor making it extremely enjoyable. The writers did a great job with this.

There are actually really three separate plots inside this movie, but they are blended well together, so there’s no confusion about what is going on.

The main one, that we had known was happening was Peter Quill/Star Lord (Chris Pratt) meeting his dad Ego (Kurt Russell). Some big things happened in this and some twists so we won’t spoil it for you.

We also had known that The Guardians would find themselves at odds with a character known as Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki) and the Sovereign. This was the case and a continuing part of the plot, but not truly the focus.

The third plot actually focused on Yondu (Michael Rooker) and the Ravagers. As part of that plot, we met several new characters, including Skatar Ogord (Sylvester Stallone).

A spoiler we’ll tell you, but not specify on further, is one of the Guardians does die in this movie. When you’re watching the movie, you know that they are going to, but you keep expecting a rescue to stop it from happening.

If you’ve heard that there are five scenes during and after the credits, you’ve heard correctly. The first is a good little scene involving Kraglin (Sean Gunn). Second, comes Skatar Ogord meeting up with some other Ravager captains, who just so happen to be the original comic book Guardians. Third, we see what Ayesha has planned for the future. Fourth, involved two of the surviving Guardians interacting. Lastly, is actually a second Stan Lee cameo, which honestly the movie could have done without.

Power Rangers Takes Us Back To Morphin Time

It’s morphin time as the Power Rangers origin story has hit theaters.

This movie was a good watch, with well placed humor to seal it. It was a great way to restart the series, though with overly obvious attempts to setup for a sequel (there is a scene in the middle of the credits).

There are three small moments that are definitely PG13, two of which may go over younger kids heads, but otherwise fairly kid friendly.

The casting was well done and each of the actors really felt the role. During the movie they try to give each of the rangers a back story, with varying degrees of focus, and it is mostly successful in letting us know what brought them each to where they are when we meet them.

Warning: some minor spoilers will follow in this article, so be wary of reading if you don’t want any.

Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson do have a cameo, but it is really small, so don’t expect a lot from it. The Zords are pretty cool, and there is a moment when the original theme song makes a remixed appearance.

I will say that the way the Megazord forms did feel a bit odd, since it kind of happens on it’s own, with the rangers not having any idea what’s going on. The puddys do look a lot better, but they may actually be weaker.

My only real negative was that the soundtrack often felt like it was stolen from a Tron movie, with bits of Godzilla thrown in. If you’re looking for a soundtrack that feels solidly it’s own thing you’ll be disappointed.

The movie begins millions of years ago as Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks),a green ranger gone evil, defeats the original Power Rangers, and Zordon (Bryan Cranston), the original red ranger, buries the power coins for those who are worthy.

In present day Angel Grove, five teenagers end up finding the coins together. By the next day they are exhibiting new powers and decide to return to the site where they found them. There they meet Zordon who begins to instruct them in how to be the new Power Rangers. About the same time, Rita rises from being nearly dead, and begins a new campaign to end life on Earth.

The five teens must come together so that they can fully embrace their powers. To do so they must overcome their own issues. If they fail to do so, they will find themselves destroyed as well as all life on the planet, starting with Angel Grove.

Krispy Kreme does get some focus, near the end of the movie. It is after all the source of life.

CHIPS A Violently Rude Letdown For Fans

A major heist occurs and the Federal Bureau of Investigation believes that crooked members of the California Highway Patrol are involved.

Needing to investigate, they send in Michael Pena, as an undercover officer using the name Frank Poncherello.

He joins the motorcycle crew and is partnered with Jon Baker, played by writer and director Dax Shepard.

Baker, a former pro motorbiker, is trying to get his life back in order and quickly finds out that his new partner is an undercover FBI agent.

It’ll be up to the unlikely pair to find out who is behind the crime.

The movie also stars Kristen Bell, Adam Brody, Ryan Hansen, Jessica McNamee, Maya Rudolph, with the original Ponch, Erik Estrada, making a cameo.

Unfortunately, this movie has none of the charm of the original CHiPS series.

It’s a series of cheap, raunchy jokes in the middle of graphic violence that got a very well deserved R rating.

This movie does provide some great motorcycle action, but that’s about the only good in it.

While we don’t necessarily expect a lot from Dax Shepard it was saddening to see Michael Pena stoop to this low of a character after his great comedic performances of the past.

As someone who grew up on CHiPS it sickens me to see it turned into this insulting disappointment, and I definitely can not recommend seeing it.

CHIPS hits theaters on March 24.